#Update on Ubuntu-Edge Campaign - 9 days to go

9 days to the deadline and Ubuntu has only raised $9,832,070 of its $32,000,000 Goal.

[caption id="attachment_129" align="alignright" width="220"]Ubuntu Edge Campaign Ubuntu Edge Campaign[/caption]

Tensions mount as there's very less time, untill and unless there's any miracles. The hope for a new sleek & powerful smartphone will die with its campaign's end date.

Indiegogo as of 13th Aug shows that 21040 people have funded the campaign so far. People who have funded will be featured in the Ubuntu Community.

i haven't done any contribution myself, (since i'm a student). What about you ?

Want to be a part of something BIG ? Visit Indiegogo and contribute now.

Click the below link to know more about Ubuntu Edge.


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