Privacy Policy

I have nothing to sell you!

Yeap, you heard that right. I don’t offer any services. I don’t have products to sell. I’m not personally affiliated with any brand (*).

I am free to tell you my unbiased opinion, to share my personal thoughts with you.

(*) Let’s also take care of that asterisk right now. In my articles, I link to products and services that I have benefited from and have personally used it. Some of those links are affiliate links, meaning I get a cut if you buy any of them with no additional cost for you. I do this because I, like you, enjoy a side income. It’s also a way of you showing your appreciation for my work. Don’t worry, no harm feelings if you highlight and search for the products. I do it myself!

Glad we took care of this early on. And for any doubters out there, I do NOT make a living from this blog. I have other streams of income to sustain my living standards and raise my family.

Let's get this over with a few more pointers, for you to go through em quickly...

-> I do not share your information. I just don’t.
-> I use cookies and analytics to improve your experience, but do not require cookies for access to the site
-> I value your privacy. Seriously. Of all the millions of blogs, I’m flattered you’re here reading. That’s too cool to risk for some annoying short term gain.
-> I do everything I can to protect your information, but, like any service online, I can’t be airtight. For example, I use Blogger Service to run this blog with appropriate security practices, but I can’t help it if Blogger crashes or the Chinese government hacks their servers. But I do try my best.

-> Questions? Please contact me!
All the legal info can be found at this link: Privacy Policy

Why Have A Privacy Page?

-> Google Legitimacy. Sure, it’s not as important as keywords, relevance, and links, but Google loves legit websites. Privacy policies – simply the existence of one – is a signal that you are legitimate and transparent. And Google can reward you – with a higher ranking ($$$).

-> Customer Legitimacy. Not many people look at privacy policies – but I sort of know that a website should have one – after all, if a retail business isn’t making a profit, it can be tempting to resell customer emails. A privacy policy helps a business look and feel better in the subconscious of a customer.

-> Business Protection. Lawsuits. Enough said. If you do something with an email address (ever heard of CAN-SPAM Act?) that you’re not supposed to – and didn’t spell out somewhere – you could be up the creek. A privacy policy is easy to put up and sends a signal to the lawyers that you tried.

-> Sales. Yes, customers want a personal connection. Privacy policies can have the boilerplate language, but can also help establish trust…which is key to any sale.

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