Meet Mr X and Ms Y

Meet Mr X and Ms Y
T'is the day I've waited for so long, not expecting something like this would happen so soon. I'm bout to tell you a story of Mr X and Ms Y who charted an unexpected outing.

I'll be referring Mr X as X and Ms Y as Y through out the story in order to avoid repetition.

Prior to Outing

'X' had in mind he'd take 'Y' to a special place tomorrow, he planned an outing which would consist of mostly Lunch & movie. He texted 'Y' in a trembling voice "Lunch & Movie tomorrow with me ?"

Y replied "Mujhe Jyada se jyada time spend karna hain tumhare saath"
X with a smile on his face " Okay Baby",

He started looking through movie shows online, and booked 2 movie tickets for a decent comedy. After confirming the bookings, he pings 'Y' telling her to be ready for tomorrow's show.

Upon listening to this Y was excited, she suggested few restaurants in the city from Zomato, we couldn't agree on anything at this moment. Our minds were in deep thoughts about tomorrow.

Outing Day

'Y' has the habit of waking up early in the morning, she woke up around 6 am and texted me if I was awake!

I woke up few mins past 6 and replied her back. Then we went back to sleep again... 



'Y' boards a bus at 10 in the morning. At this time 'X' was suffering to complete his breakfast. He starts from home at 10:30am.

'Y' reaches the drop point at 10:30, we both agreed to meet at a stop and from there go together.

'X' picks her up from bus stop and they start their journey towards the theatre for their afternoon show. 


They reach the mall 2 hours before and do some shopping for each other. They don't buy anything though :P

After the shopping craze of 'Y' , 'X' visits the box counter to get the tickets for the booked movie show and they head over to a nearby restaurant. 

It was Sitara Family Restaurant where they order some food:

  • Roti's with naan &
  • Butter paneer. 
  • 2 Cokes
  • Ice Cream for dessert
There is still 5 mins left on the watch for movie and they're still busy eating Ice cream. 'X' in a hasty tone "Leave that stupid Ice Cream. We can get another one in movie break", they leave the restaurant holding hands, smiling, looking at each other.

So far everything was going great, they'd gone inside the theatre.

Stuck in Between

It was in the movie break when the duo decided to get refreshed, get something to drink and eat. But they had that service provided to them in their seats itself. A lady with two menu's approached them and handed them one of the menu. 'Y' Orders 'Aaloo Tikki', 'X' the regular 'Coke'. After taking their orders, the lady disappears in to the dark. The screen was playing ads so the lights were still dim...

They both decide to go to washrooms, there was an exit to their left. The duo exits the theatre just to find that they're no washrooms at that side. The real scare came to both when they realized there's no getting out. The doors to the theatre had no knobs to Pull, it was a work in progress side of the theatre. To the other side was glass doors locked with steel locks (the big ones).

'X' was certainly nervous, 'Y' seemed  a bit tensed not because she was stuck with him there but looking at 'X' moving here and there, figuring out a way to get out.

Fortunately there was a person on the other side of the glass door, 'X' was able to get his message thru the cracks of the door 'We're Stuck, there's no knob to the theatre door, call someone please'. Relief came in when a security guard opened the door from the inside. Both went to their respective seats and finished watching the movie.

They both looked at each other, and laughed off their wits. In the end it was a memorable day, they both kissed and said their Good Byes until next meet.

Note: The characters in this plot are fictional, any resemblance to person living or dead is purely coincidental.
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